Hey trendsetters! Our hot-sale products "Kitty" women eyeglasses just got a stylish upgrade. Thanks to your rave reviews, we’ve introduced four new, chic colors to the Kitty collection: purple, yellow, blue, and red. These shades, featuring our signature cute bowknot and dazzling silver powder embellishments, are all about adding a touch of playful sophistication to your look! These fashionable women glasses are here to dominate the fashion scene and empower your inner diva!

The Chic Essence of Kitty🎀
Our Kitty glasses redefine elegance with a touch of audacity. The adorable bowknot 🎀 and dazzling silver powder embellishments ✨ on the lens add a unique, whimsical charm. Designed to elevate your beauty while keeping your style fierce and fresh, the new colors are your go-to for turning heads wherever you go.

Discover Kitty's New Colorful Family🎨
1. Red (Limited Edition)
Make a bold entrance with Kitty's classic red glasses. This passionate shade is all about making a statement of confidence and elegance. Whether you're heading to a cocktail party or a casual outing, these glasses will ensure you turn heads.
Tips: The red version WILL BE SOLD OUT because of the limited quantity. It's first come, first served.


2. Purple

Step into the spotlight with our new purple Kitty glasses. This hue radiates mystery and creativity, perfect for making a subtle yet striking statement. Purple color give it that extra touch of magic.

3. Yellow 

Light up your day with yellow Kitty glasses. This cheerful shade embodies optimism and energy, ideal for adding a burst of sunshine ☀️ to any outfit.

4. Blue

Exude calm confidence with blue Kitty glasses. This versatile color exudes confidence and sophistication, whether you're at work or enjoying downtime.

Why Kitty Glasses are a Fashion Must-Have?🎀
Kitty glasses blend trendsetting colors with unparalleled quality and comfort. Designed for a perfect fit and crafted with durability in mind, these glasses guarantee you look fabulous and feel empowered every day.

How to Style Your New Kitty Glasses
Looking for style inspiration? Here’s how to incorporate these chic new shades into your wardrobe:
● Pair purple Kitty glasses with neutrals to let the color and embellishments pop effortlessly.
● Yellow Kitty glasses are perfect for casual, upbeat outfits – think denim and crisp whites, accentuating the playful details.
● Blue Kitty glasses complement both professional attire and relaxed weekend looks, with the bowknot and sparkles adding a touch of sophistication.
● Red Kitty glasses add a bold accent to evening wear or a sophisticated twist to your daily ensemble, highlighting the charming details.

We’re thrilled to unveil these new Kitty glasses colors and can’t wait for you to try them out. Each shade, adorned with a cute bowknot and silver powder embellishments, is designed to highlight different facets of your personality and style, helping you look and feel amazing.
Explore the new collection on Lensalter and find the perfect color that speaks to you. Which color will you choose to elevate your style? 😻

Jesse Fan