When it comes to sunglasses, tint color plays a crucial role in not only enhancing your style but also providing specific benefits for your eyes. At Lensalter, we offer a range of tint colors to suit every preference. From classic black to trendy gradient shades, each tint color serves a unique purpose.
Let's dive into the world of sunglasses and understand the nuances of tint colors to make the perfect choice for your style.

● Basic Tint Color for Sunglasses:
1. Coloration degree 20%

2. Coloration degree 50%

3. Coloration degree 80%

To cater to individual preferences and light sensitivity, We offer sunglasses with varying degrees of coloration – 20%, 50%, and 80%. Whether you prefer a light tint for casual wear or maximum protection from intense sunlight, we have you covered.

Gradiant Tint Color:
(80%-10% gradiant)

Perfect for those who want a stylish blend of dark and light shades, gradient sunglasses offer subtle protection from bright sunlight while maintaining clarity in lower light conditions.

● Tint Color for Polarized Sunglass:

Polarized lenses are specially designed to reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow, and roads, making them ideal for outdoor activities like fishing, skiing, and driving.

Choose Lensalter for clear vision and style. Explore our collection online for the perfect sunglasses tailored to you.

Jesse Fan
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