❶ Start by washing and dnying your hands. t's important o have clean hands to prevent transferring oi or dirt to your glasses during the cleaning processUse soap and a lint-free towel to dry your hands.

❷ Rinse your glasses under lukewarm water. Hold the frames under the faucet and make sure to rinse both the frames and lenses thoroughly.Avoid using hot water to prevent damage to any lens coatings.

❸ Apply a drop oflotion-fre dishwashing liquid to each lens and gentlyrub it around the lenses and frame. Pay atenion to areas that come in contact with your skin,such as the nose pads and temples. f you don't have dishwashing iquid, you can use a glasses cleaning solution approved for lens coatings.

❹ Rinse your glasses again under running water to remove the soap from the frames.

❺ Dry your glasses using a clean microfiber cloth or lintfre towel.These materials wont leave lint or dust paricles behind. Carefuly dy your gilasses and inspect themfor any smudges or debris before putting them back on.


  • Use a cotton swab to clean small nooks and areas where debrismay be trapped before rinsing.
  • Pay special attention to wiping off nose pads, as they can accumulatemore germs. You can use a disposable moist towelette with rubbingalcohol specifically on the pads.
  • Wash your microfiber cloths regularly to prevent spreading dust.
  • Always wet your glasses before wiping or rubbing them to avoidscratching or smearing debris.
  • Clean your glasses lightly on a daily basis and perform a morethorough cleaning weekly to keep them free from dirt and smudges.

then, enjoy your excellent glasses with LensAlter!