Find the Best Eyeglass Frames For Your Face Shape

Pick best glasses online for your face shape.
Do you know the secret behind looking graceful in glasses? It's choosing glasses frames that suit your face shape. Here's a complete guide to help you out in picking frame shapes, flattering your face shape.

Not sure about your face shape?

Round Face Shape

Around face shapeis characterized by soft, curved lines with the width and length of the face being roughly equal. This face shape typically has a rounded jawline and full cheeks, creating a circular appearance.

Oval Face Shape

Anoval face shapeis often considered ideal because of its balanced proportions and versatility. People with this face shape can typically pull off a wide range of hairstyles, makeup looks, and accessories.

Oblong Face Shape

Anoblong face shape, also known as a rectangular face shape, is characterized by a longer length compared to the width, with a more elongated appearance. This face shape often has a long, straight cheek line and a higher forehead.

Heart Face Shape

Aheart face shapeis characterized by a broader forehead and cheekbones, with a narrower jawline and chin. This face shape often resembles an inverted triangle, with the widest part at the top tapering down to a point at the chin.

Square Face Shape

Asquare face shapeis characterized by a strong, angular jawline, a straight hairline, and approximately equal width and length of the face.

Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape is characterized by balanced proportions, with the widest part of the face being at the cheekbones and a slightly narrower forehead and jawline.